“Rising force: How Extinction Rebellion hopes to make a difference”, The Sydney Morning Herald (August 2019)

“Extinction Rebellion: An Introduction”, New Economy Journal (June 2019)

“A message to our Government: Now is the time for decisive climate action”, Independent Australia (May 2019)

“It’s The Environment Stupid - Why Everything is Terrible and Going to Get Worse”, Medium (July 2018)

Authoritarian politics rise from despair. When the future seems hopeless, people turn on each other in the present, and as long as our environment is dying, it is rational to be hopeless. 

"Whatever Happened to the Future?", Medium (January 2018)

Compared to the 1970s dystopias, today's vision of the future is more insidious because there’s no escape. Logan does not break free at the end of his Run, and there’s no fabled oasis at the end of the desert. Nobody escapes the system, because it extends to the edges of America, which in American popular culture equates to the ends of the Earth.


"Faschion: The Hues of Hate", Medium (August 2017)


"Paranoid London (Look it Up!)", Medium (July 2017)

Paranoia, conspiracy and cocaine in North London.


"Twin Peaks: - Or How David Lynch Never Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", Medium (June 2017)


"SOS From Brexit-Land", Business Insider (July 2016)

I had a nightmare last night that I was in a field, and the people around me were erecting literal walls of wood. When they were finished they covered the top with a ceiling, and I was left in hot, sticky, darkness with all these angry strangers.


"Computer Says No", Medium (August 2016)

We take risks because we’re brave, or we’re dreamers, but let’s be honest — we also take risks because we routinely underestimate our chance of failure. The more clearly we can see that possible failure, the more hesitant we will become. In the end it might only be the super-rich or delusional who keep Dreaming Large.



"We Just Have a Few Questions", Medium (August 2017)