"Dune Time", (April 2016)

"In the old days, caravans used to take fifty two days to cross the Sahara. Out there, it’s just you and God. The Tuareg say that the journey puts you in a trance, that you can wake up in the evening and not remember anything from the day. They call it Dune Time."

  • Nominated for the 2016 Aurealis Awards for Best Fantasy and Best Young Adult story 


"Flying the Coop", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #182 (September 2015)

"The hut awkwardly navigated a twist in the road and turned towards the saltworks, disappearing from view except for its misshapen chimney bobbing above the modest rooftops. Its shuffling footsteps faded, and Nadia regretfully returned to the problem of her father’s corpse."


"Running Wild", Aurealis #54 (September 2012)

"All Locky could see was a grid of suburban homes beneath the cloudless blue sky. Each was surrounded by fences, with no gates or doors to connect them to their neighbours. The ranks of houses all looked maddeningly familiar, but Locky couldn't identify any of them. They had the ghostly air of a school during the weekend."


"The Tale of the Aggrieved Astrologer", Beneath Ceaseless Skies #101 (August 2012)

"Ho Bian first suspected there was disorder in the heavens on the day that he was unable to rise to the occasion for his favorite concubine, Li Ma. He had swallowed his potency elixir beforehand as usual, but at the moment of truth he wilted like a lotus in the midsummer heat."

  • Reprinted in Seers: Ten Tales of Clairvoyance, edited by Rayne Hall.


"The Statues of Melbourne", Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #56 (August 2012)

"I don’t remember exactly what I thought then, back before we realised the scale of the thing. I think I assumed it was some kind of underground art movement - guerrilla sculpture, you know?"

  • Reprinted in Award Winning Australian Writing 2012, edited by Adolfo Aranjuez
  • Winner of the Katharine Susannah Prichard Speculative Fiction
  • Nominated for the 2012 Aurealis Award for Young Adult Short Story